Intuitive way to select the content with e-mail preview

Portrait of Parseur Staff
by Parseur Staff
2 mins read

What do you like best?

At RentExperience we had a hard time finding the right parsing solution. Parseur delivers very easy to use interface and superb support. It has an intuitive way to select the parsing content with e-mail preview and text selection. It also allows us to create unlimited templates, which is something you cannot find elsewhere. Finally, it´s ability to connect to Zapier makes it a very useful tool for our daily needs with great pricing.

What do you dislike?

The parsing is very sensitive to changes in the e-mail code so I have to create many templates. But the software allows making tweaks to refine the template to be selected

Recommendations to others considering the product

The parsing is very sensitive to changes. I would recommend creating as many template variations as possible or defining words that must be inside e-mail content to determine which template to use

What business problems are you solving with the product?

Our e-commerce website offers services from different vendors. Whenever a purchase is made the e-commerce plug-in should not send the purchased information to all vendors at once. We must use a parser to detect the service that was purchased and then send the information to the right vendor. The combination of Parseur and Zapier saved us from investing in expensive developing solutions.