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The best parsing program

What do you like best? I received every month 30 invoices. Every invoice I need upload to my economy app. It took me about 4 days every month. Now I create 1 email inbox for all incoming invoices and parseur send me data to my webhook from pdf invoices. Webhook …

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Parseur Review

Overall So far I've got absolutely no complaints. The software works. You get notifications when a template doesnt work and it's easy to adminster for our clients. Pros We love how easy and yet very comprehensive the software is. The great thing is we've been using it for almost a …

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Simply Brilliant!! Easy to use, excellent customer service

What do you like best? I've been using rival software for quite a while and found it very complicated. After spending hours configuring straightforward tasks I was delighted to find Parseur. Complicated tasks can be configured in minutes and there technical support team are at hand to resolve any more …

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It has changed my reporting and automated a lot

Overall Their service is amazing. and fast to respond Pros This tech is great, works and is easy. It has changed my reporting and automated a lot. Cons None nothing that i can think of. This software is great

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Saving Loads of Manual Data Entry Time!

Overall Great customer service! I'm very happy with the product. Pros Intuitive, easy-to-use interface! You can start parsing the same day you purchase. Also, there are many useful integrations, e.g. Zapier and Salesforce. Cons Really needs the ability for a user to create default fields that autofill at the …

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Feature Rich Parsing Service

Pros Handles all of our needs in an easy to use interface. We can parse any HTML email, then send it to a number of different sources to use the data. We use Zapier almost exclusively and the built in functionality with Parseur makes it effortless to integrate. Cons Nothing …

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Great live chat support!

Pros Helpful and knowledgable support to answer any questions Cons I am very satisfied with this product although it may be helpful to have available more tutorial videos. However, with that said, the support staff via chat are wonderful and were able to answer my questions.

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Very easy to use

Overall For the basic email parsing stuff, it's very good. Pricing is also good, as the service works most of the time. Definitely a better option than the Zoho mail parser, or the Zapier mail parser. I also compared it to Mailparser, but I think Parseur is much simpler to …

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Great technology and amazing customer service

Pros It's simple and integrating with their system is very easy. Cons If analytics can be improved it will be a huge win. Comments (Benefits) It's been amazing working with Parseur team. They take their customers seriously and help them at every turn. From integration to debugging and scaling. The …

Parseur is the most powerful and easy-to-use mail parser.
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