Retry webhooks, improved latency and uptime

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by Sylvain Josserand
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Howdy, I'm Sylvain, building software at Parseur, here to present you a handful of new features just fresh out of the oven.

New: Retry webhooks on error

All webhooks are now retried up to 5 times (so 6 tries maximum) when the endpoint replies with a status in the 500 to 599 range (server error), a 408 (server timeout) or a 429 status (too many requests). The first retry happens 1 minute after the initial reply. The next retries are attempted 4, 9, 16 then 25 minutes after each other. This mechanism is called exponential back-off and prevents overloading the receiving service with requests. This applies to all webhooks, including custom webhooks and Zapier, Integromat and Power Automate integrations. All actions and retries (if any) are visible in the documents' log.

Update: Improved latency on email reception

Following user feedback about email reception speed, we increased our server capacity and prioritizing of incoming documents. We also improved our monitoring of the whole email workflow to better respond to any spike in email latency.

Update: Improved uptime

Increasing our services' uptime is one of our ongoing efforts here at Parseur. Our team managed to update some maintenance actions related to work queues so that they don't cause downtime any longer.

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