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A new extra field is now available that gives information about the raw original document.

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Original raw document can now be extracted as an new extra field called OriginalDocument

OriginalDocument field is a JSON object composed of the following properties:

  • name: A string that represents the name of the original document. It's the file name if the document was converted from an attachment or a file, or the email subject if the document originates from an email.
  • url: A secure HTTPS URL where the raw, original document can be downloaded. Important note: Anyone you give that URL to can access the document content without authentication, so think twice before sharing this URL.
  • content_type: A string that contains the MIME type of the original document. For example: "message/rfc822" for emails, or "application/pdf" for PDF files.
  • size: The size of the original email, in byte.

Only documents received after this feature deployment (On October 8th, 2020) will have the OriginalDocument populated.

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