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We added a new report to get an overview of fields used by each template inside a mailbox.

Over time, some of our customers' mailbox become quite large, sometimes with hundreds of templates created. As mailboxes evolve over time, it is not always easy to keep track of which fields are still in use in a mailbox and which ones could potentially be removed (or merged with other existing ones).

This is also the case for our main predefined mailboxes for food ordering, real estate etc. We support hundreds of platforms across various geographies, which means we have hundreds of ready-made templates and many possible field combinations to maintain.

We added a "Field Usage overview" report that lists all your templates along with the fields they use.

A screen capture of field usage report
New field usage overview report (example here for our main real estate predefined mailbox)

How to access the field usage report?

  • Open your mailbox
  • Go to Fields section
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the View field usage per template link

A screen capture of field usage
Click on this link in the Fields section of your mailbox to access the report

How to read the field usage report?

  • Each row represents a template
  • Each column represents a field
  • A blue check mark means the field is used in a template
  • A green "S" means the field is set as a Static field in that template

You can click on a column to sort by that column and click again to reverse the sort.

You can click on a template name to open it in the editor.

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