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Ever felt like you were drowning in a sea of PDFs and wished for a lifeline? Or daydreamed about AI tools saving you from the dreadful manual data entry?

I'm assuming you found Parseur while looking for a fantastic AI parser or an alternative to In that case, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed here and by the end of this article, you’ll have a new AI buddy.

Parseur vs

We’ve summarized the similarities and differences between the two in the table below.

PDF ai logo
Parseur logo
Chat based
AI based (default)
Template based (optional)
Use case Chat with PDFs Automate data extraction
Parsing reliability Good Great
Supported format PDF
HTML documents
Text documents
Word documents
Import Upload in app
Upload in app
Via email
Via automation
Table parsing Yes Yes
Automatic parsing No Yes, hundreds of layouts supported
Integrations Only Zoho CRM
Download (Excel, CSV, JSON)
Google Sheets
Power Automate
Pabbly Connect
Mailboxes per account Only one Unlimited
API Yes with limits

Why do we need AI data extraction?

Before we go deeper into the comparison details, let’s first understand why manual parsing is not our friend. Apart from the fact that it makes us sad, it also decreases productivity and is time-consuming. We’re in 2023 and the only way to achieve greater efficiency is to adopt digitalization.

Luckily, artificial intelligence has given rise to countless applications that can eliminate manual data entry. Parseur and are among those AI data extraction tools that could be your friends. However, one is always better than the other. ;)

Be smart meme

Who is better at AI?

Comparing to Parseur

So, how are we going to compare those two tools? By placing them in a virtual boxing ring, of course! Who wouldn't want to watch two parsers wrestle?

Parseur vs

Parseur vs

I’m kidding.. We’re not doing that. I’ll get fired.

We will delve further into the features and functionality of both AI software.

Round 1: Features (just like is basically just uploading a PDF where you can “chat” with it and ask the AI bot to find specific information within that document. It’s like having an assistant and it’s super helpful when you have long complex documents and you need to find something quickly. chat

Chat with

What does best? is best as summarizing and getting insights from large PDFs, like contracts for example within seconds. This make it easy for anyone who needs to retrieve specific data quickly.

However, you cannot download the data or send it to another tool. is not integrated to any other third-party apps.

Compared to, Parseur does things a little differently but is cooler. Once you’ve uploaded the document, list the fields that you want to extract, and the AI engine will extract data automatically.

What does Parseur best?

And, that’s not all! The parsed data can be sent to any application that you want via Zapier, Power Automate and Make. You can also download the data in JSON, or CSV.

Parseur native integrations

Parseur native integrations

Parseur can process millions of documents within seconds. As of now, Parseur has processed 60 documents.

Parseur also lets you write simple lines of code to perform advanced manipulations of the parsed data.

Round 2: Use cases

Use cases for Parseur and are different. is great if you have a couple of documents that you need insights from. And, Parseur works best if you have a very large number of documents and you need heavy-duty data extraction and automatic export to other apps. is easy to set up; you just create an account, and you’re redirected to the dashboard. You can upload or drag and drop a document, and within seconds, the document will be available.

Parseur is pretty much the same in terms of setup. The only difference is that when you sign up for an account, you have the freedom to choose which mailbox you want, depending on the type of document you want to parse.

Parseur use cases

Parseur use cases

And, you can also create a custom mailbox if none of the industries match what you need.

Round 3: Pricing

In terms of pricing, let's see which software is the most cost-effective. Spoiler alert - it’s Parseur. has a free plan but you can only upload 1 document (max 10MB) on that plan. There’s also a limit on the number of questions you can ask the tool. They have a premium and enterprise version starting at $15/month and $50/month respectively.

Parseur also has a free plan where you can access all the features including integrations with 1500+ applications and unlimited mailboxes. Our subscription plan starts at $39 and is a “pay-as-you-grow” which you can downgrade and cancel at any time.

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Steine Magne from Proxima Code describes Parseur as an “awesome and easy product”:

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Steine Magne from Proxima Code

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