Branding material

On this page you will find Parseur branding materials that you can reuse if you want to feature Parseur in an article or on your website (for example on your integration page).

Parseur logos

Parseur Logo 128x128

parseur-logo-128x128.png - download

parseur-logo-256x256.png - download

parseur-logo-512x512.png - download

parseur-logo-white-128x128.png - download

parseur-logo-white-256x256.png - download

parseur-logo-white-512x512.png - download

parseur-logo-with-text-80x230.png - download

parseur-logo-ms-flow-230x230.png - download

Parseur videos

Getting Started with Parseur:

Extract table from emails:

Use case example: automate your Airbnb property management:

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