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What is an Email Parser?

An email parser is an automation software tool that allows you to capture and extract data from emails. The data extraction is done automatically and can be downloaded or exported to other applications. It is an easy and seamless way to automate your business processes and reduce manual data entry tasks. You can read more about what is an email parsing tool.

Parseur is an email parser tool that automates data extraction from emails and email attachments such as PDFs, CSVs, and MS Word.

In this article, we will highlight the 5 main benefits of why you should use Parseur in your everyday business!

1. Automate your workflow

Workflow automation

Workflow automation

Automation is at the heart of successful companies. Having workflow automation software in place will reduce manual processes in your business. With Parseur, repetitive tasks such as data entry processes will be done more accurately with zero human errors. For example, your emails are processed automatically one after the other with no human intervention.

2. Speed up your processing time

Quicker processing time

Quicker processing time

Manual data entry activities are very time consuming for any organization. And, what happens when your employees are unavailable, on sick leaves or busy attending the "Growth Hacking for your IoT Startup Conference"? The email backlog will keep piling up, leading to a stressful work environment. But, what if you had Parseur to the rescue? Teach Parseur which data to extract and let it be done automatically and quickly!

Creating your first field in Parseur

Creating your first field in Parseur

With Parseur, Email will be processed in real-time upon reception and data available to you immediately with no human involved.

3. Improve your quality and reliability

Let’s take the case of Max who owns a restaurant and is currently receiving hundreds of orders from different food ordering platforms in different email formats. Max has to manually extract specific information from those emails (order number, items ordered, contact details of the customer, date, and time of the delivery among others). Those data will then have to be assigned to the drivers.

This is where a quality assurance check becomes vital as the information needs to be accurate and reliable.

Improving quality and reliability

Improving quality and reliability

How much time do you spend on QA to ensure that data entry was done correctly? How much effort does it cost your business to fix an incorrectly captured information at the start of your workflow? I may venture and say your answer will vary from “more than I thought” to “OMG! Way too much, I should fire whoever did that mistake. Oh wait, that's my name here.”

How many times did your team complain of the low added value of using their out-of-this-world skills (you only hire the best, right?) to copy-and-paste data from your emails?

Once set up, Parseur will reliably process all your emails and transform them into structured data. What’s more, Parseur will do so very happily: Parseur loves routine and doing the same job over and over without ever complaining :-)

4. Improve your workload

Improving your workload

Improving your workload

We all know how our workload increases with clients’ demands during peak activities such as Christmas time. Or, it can just be your company signing a big contract of a high volume of work with a new client. To deliver within deadlines, new resources will have to be allocated to those tasks. And if, after a while, your volume goes down, you will also have to reallocate your resources or reduce your workforce.

Instead of hiring more staff, take Parseur as your new employee 😉

Parseur will happily cope with any volume of email you throw at it. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan in a few clicks at any time. No strings attached!

5. And, most importantly, become more cost-efficient!

Becoming cost-efficient

Becoming cost-efficient

Did you ever estimate how much effort and money you spend on manual data entry from email? Let’s run a simulation of a hypothetical client together with the following business case:

  • Manual data entry for on average 250 emails per calendar day (that's around 7,500 a month)
  • For each email, your employee spends on average 2 minutes to manually copy the information into their system (that's the end-to-end time that includes the time to open the mailbox, sort emails, get interrupted by an angry client on the phone, solves the issue and get back to the email to process, identify information that needs to be copied, copies information and paste into the system, get interrupted for a coffee break, go for the coffee break and finally comes back and check everything was ok)
  • The team is costing around 30 euros/hour/person (this is the average labor cost in the Euro Zone taken as an example - this number is likely to be higher if you "only hire the best")

The maths for your monthly cost is simple:

  • Monthly Cost = 250 emails x 2 minutes x 30€/h x 30 days = 7,500€ per month
  • Monthly Effort = 250 emails x 2 minutes x 30 days = 250 hours i.e. around 31 Man Days per month

Parseur only costs 249€ / $299 for the same amount of work, with plenty of room to grow as the plan includes 10,000 credits. With Parseur, not only will you save time but business costs as well, for zero added effort. Parseur works days, nights, and weekends. And, it doesn’t even ask for a higher rate for those working hours!

Sign up for our free plan and get access to all the features for a limited amount of emails per month. It doesn’t matter in which industry you are, we all have a mailbox full of emails waiting to be sorted out. Not only your data extraction process will be done automatically but your parsed email data will be sent to the applications of your choice.

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Having a powerful email parsing tool can help you automate your business processes, saving you countless hours of work.

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