5 Reasons why Parseur will make data entry from emails more effective

Does your business rely on doing manual data entry from emails as part of your daily activities? We're going to discuss how an email parser in general (and our solution at Parseur in particular) can help!

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Here are the 5 Reasons why Parseur will make data entry from emails more effective:

1. Automate your workflow

You, handling incoming emails, before using Parseur

You, handling incoming emails, before using Parseur

Automation is at the heart of successful companies. Any step taken to automate your business processes allows you to shift your priorities, efforts, resources and R&D back to your core business.

Benefit #1: Parseur is an email parser that will automatically transform any email you send into structured data that can easily be uploaded to your systems.

2. Speed up your processing time

You busy?

That feeling when your team is at a conference, leaving you with all the day-to-day work

When doing manual data entry, you depend on people’s availability to perform such tasks. If email data entry is the first of many steps for your business to earn money, what happens if your team becomes unavailable (changing business priorities, sick leave, busy processing back orders, busy attending the "Growth Hacking for your IoT Startup Conference", etc.) ? I’m sure your team members had better ideas for a perfect evening than catching up with an email backlog.

Benefit #2: With Parseur, Email will be processed in real time upon reception and data available to you immediately with no human involved.

* any resemblance to an existing conference would be purely incidental

3. Improve your quality and reliability

Parseur Robot

A picture of Parseur taken at our data center the other day

How much time do you spend on QA to ensure that data entry was done correctly ? How much effort does it cost your business to fix an incorrectly captured information at the start of your workflow? I may venture and say your answer will vary from “more than I thought” to “OMG! Way too much, I should fire whoever did that mistake. Oh wait, that's my name here.”

How many times did your team complain of the low added value of using their out-of-this-world skills (you only hire the best, right?) to copy-and-paste data from your emails?

Benefit #3: Once setup, Parseur will reliably process all your emails and transform them into structured data. What’s more, Parseur will do so very happily: Parseur loves routine and doing the same job over and over without ever complaining :-).

4. Improve your workload

Motivation vs Workload

Motivation vs Amount of work to do

Say suddenly you have a high activity peak or a large new client bringing high email volume for data entry with him? You may have to shift your resources or maybe even hire temps in order to cope for the increase of workload. And if, after a while, your volume goes down, you will also have to reallocate your resources or reduce your workforce.

Benefit #4: Parseur will happily cope with any volume of email you throw at it. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan in a few clicks at any time. No strings attached!

5. And, most importantly, become more cost-efficient!

Have you estimated how much effort and money you spend on manual data entry from email ? Let’s run a simulation of a hypothetical client together.

Consider a small business with the following business case:

  • it has to do manual data entry for on average 250 emails per calendar day (that's around 7,500 a month)
  • for each email, it spends on average 2 minutes to manually copy the information into their system (that's the end-to-end time that includes the time to open the mailbox, sort emails, get interrupted by an angry client on the phone, solves the issue and get back to the email to process, identify information that needs to be copied, copy information and paste into the system, get interrupted for a coffee break, go for the coffee break and finally comes back and check everything was ok)
  • the team is costing around 30 euros / hour / person (this is the average labor cost in the Euro Zone taken as an example - this number is likely to be higher if you "only hire the best")

The math for calculating the monthly cost are simple:

  • Monthly Cost = 250 emails x 2 minutes x 30€/h x 30 days = 7,500€ / month vs 249€ / monthwith Parseur
  • Monthly Effort = 250 emails x 2 minutes x 30 days = 250 hours i.e. around 31 Man Days per month vs almost none with Parseur

Benefit #5: Parseur will save your business time. Parseur will save your business money.

There you go, we hope Parseur will solve some pain points in your business. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear your feedback!

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