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Convert email into SQL Server database record

Parse and extract text from emails into SQL Server with Parseur

Do you have specific data trapped in a backlog of emails that you need to parse and convert into a database record? Do you receive a daily stream of emails with data that you need to feed to your app?

If you already have a database up and running, you can parse your emails automatically with Parseur and feed it to your database. Send your emails to Parseur to parse the content, extract the relevant data and add that data as rows in your SQL Server table. It’s an easy way to feed your own in-house application with specific data coming by email.

For example, some of our customers send emails to MS SQL Server to:

  • track and manage service desk inquiries
  • log events such as server monitoring, health checks, networking audits or incidents
  • consolidate online purchases and build expense reports

Using Parseur you can extract text from any email and send it to your SQL Server DB in real time as perfectly structured data. You can stop manually copying and pasting emails, relying on human labor to do so, which will save you time and improve your business automation!

How this Email to SQL Server integration works

  • A new email notification is received in your Parseur mailbox
  • Parseur extracts the relevant information and sends the data to Zapier
  • Zapier sends the data to your SQL Server database

What you will need

To use this integration you will need:

  • Parseur account with a configured mailbox
  • A SQL Server database
  • Zapier account with a Zap between Parseur and SQL Server set up

Parseur logo What is Parseur?

Parseur is a powerful email parser software to automatically extract text from emails, attachments and documents and automate your workflow. See Parseur features.

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SQL Server is a database and analysis offering for rapidly delivering the next generation of scalable e-commerce & line-of-business solutions. More about SQL Server.

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Zapier is a cloud automation tool that connects apps together. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.