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Effortlessly automate text extraction from PDFs, emails, and other documents with our
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Instantly send extracted data to all your applications.

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Parseur rated 5/5 on Capterra has the highest adoption on G2 has the happiest users badge on Crozdesk
Parseur rated 5/5 on GetApp
Parseur rated 4.5/5 on Trustpilot

Too much time spent copying and pasting?
How about using that time to grow your business instead?

The data trapped inside documents is unstructured and not easy to reuse. Manually extracting data from documents is painful, error-prone, and a waste of time.

Leverage the data in your documents

With a document parsing tool like Parseur, convert all your documents into structured data that you can easily reuse in your business applications.

Illustration showing how Parseur's AI data extraction software converts documents into structured data

Save up to 98% on data entry with AI

It's 2024, the age of artificial intelligence is upon us. Let AI do the boring job and extract data from your documents automatically. It is more accurate, faster, and saves you plenty of time and money.

Automatic layout detection in action
We are able to automate sorting, transcribing and filing of thousands of emails our company receives daily.
Scott Miyazaki

Parseur to the rescue. How does it work?

Using Parseur is so easy that you'll wish you had found it before. No technical skills required, no need to create complex data extraction rules or train an AI model with hundreds of annotated samples.

1. Select parser type

Parseur offers a large selection of predefined datasets to automatically extract data from invoices, bills of lading, leads, delivery notes, and many more.

You can also create a custom set of data fields to extract data specific to your use case.

List of all parser types available

2. Import documents

Parseur supports emails, PDFs, scanned PDFs, spreadsheets, text documents, HTML documents, and more.

Our OCR engine can read documents in most languages and alphabets, including handwritten.

Upload your documents in the app or setup automatic imports by email, via our API, or using automation platforms such as Zapier, Make, or Power Automate.

List of all document formats supported by Parseur

3. Extract data

Parseur offers three parsing engines to cater for every use case: an AI parsing engine, a template-based parsing engine with OCR for PDFs, and a template-based parsing engine for text documents. We recommend always using the AI engine by default and falling back on a template engine if necessary.

The best and brightest AI parsing engine on the market today is also the easiest to use.

Simply list the fields you want to extract, and our AI parsing engine will automatically understand what you need and extract it. Unlike the template-based engines, the AI engine adapts to any kind of layout.

Create a template by drawing boxes around the data you want to extract. Our Zonal OCR engine will automatically extract the data from your PDFs.

Use our exclusive Dynamic OCR feature when the text can move in a layout.

This engine also uses AI to suggest fields when creating a new template.

Create a template by selecting the pieces of text you want to extract.

This is our historical engine that made Parseur famous for its reliability and ease of use.

4. Send data to your applications

Parseur connects with Zapier, Make, Power Automate, and many other automation platforms.

Send the data in real-time as soon as it is extracted, to thousands of business applications with just a few clicks.

Parseur can also send your data to your own private cloud using webhooks, or you can manually export your data as CSV, Excel, or JSON.

List of some of the integrations supported by Parseur

What's more

🤑 We'll save you time and money

Our records show that on average, every month, a Parseur customer saves about 189 hours of manual data entry (or $7,557). That makes Parseur 98% cheaper than manual entry and represents more than $90k in savings per year.

🏗️ Built for heavy-duty data extraction

Parseur is capable of ingesting millions of documents per month and will scale with you as your data parsing needs grow. Our servers have a 99.9%+ uptime and multiple redundancies in place to ensure we never lose a document.

I've been building templates on Parseur that have helped me extract thousands upon thousands of emails.
Khaled Mohamed
Citynest Group

🧠 Extract tables, normalize dates, and more

Easily extract data from tables, like items from an invoice. Normalize and geolocate physical addresses. Parse and convert dates into a consistent format. Automatically split first, middle, and last name from a full name.

🥰 No strings attached

Parseur is a self-service tool that you can use whenever you need it. Try it for free. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time directly in the app. No need to get into lengthy sales calls or jump through endless hoops to cancel your subscription.

💬 Expert and responsive customer support

We invest a lot of effort to make our product easy to use and have an extensive knowledge center. Our Parseur chatbot is there 24/7 to help you with any question you have. When it can't help, you can talk directly with the team in charge of developing Parseur. They know the tool inside and out and will have expert answers ready for you.

EU flag Privacy-focused and GDPR-compliant

Parseur's data is hosted in the EU. We are compliant with many data privacy laws, including the EU flag EU GDPR, UK flag UK GDPR, Swiss flag Swiss FADP, US flag California CCPA, and Singapore flag Singapore PDPA. Our Data Processing Agreement lays out in detail how we process the data on your behalf, as well as the measures we have put in place to keep your data safe.

When I can't figure something out, the support staff are very responsive and helpful.
Brett Lewis
Founder at

🔐 Secure infrastructure

Parseur uses best security practices to ensure our users' data is safe. We run weekly scans on our infrastructure to make sure we're immune to the latest threats and vulnerabilities. An independent cyber security firm audits Parseur every year to certify we are compliant with OWASP 10, SANS 25, and others standards.

💪 Continuously improving

We have been processing documents since 2016, long before many of our competitors. We have already parsed millions upon millions of documents and know what it takes to create reliable data extraction software. Over 80% of Parseur's profits are reinvested in R&D to improve our products and solutions.

40,000+ businesses can't be wrong

Thousands of companies from all around the world already trust Parseur with their data extraction processes. Join them today!

AI-based data extraction software.
Start using Parseur today.

Automate text extraction from emails, PDFs, and spreadsheets.
Save hundreds of hours of manual work.
Embrace work automation with AI.

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Parseur rated 5/5 on Capterra has the highest adoption on G2 has the happiest users badge on Crozdesk
Parseur rated 5/5 on GetApp
Parseur rated 4.5/5 on Trustpilot