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by Sylvestre Dupont - 1 min read

You can now choose to automatically Zip or Unzip the attachments from the emails you send to Parseur.

  • Use the Zip feature when: you receive several attachments in your emails and want to create a single archive. For example you want to upload a single zip to your cloud storage instead of individual files. Knowing that you will always have a single attachment makes it easier to integrate with tools like Zapier during the field mapping stage.
  • Use the Unzip feature when: you receive Zip archives by email and you want to parse the content of some of the files in the archive with Parseur. You may also want to unzip attachments if you prefer to upload individual files into your cloud storage.
  • Use both features at the same time when: you receive several attachments in your emails, including zip files, and you would like to unzip all files and zip them into a single archive.

To enable or disable attachment zipping, head over to the Settings > Attachment processing section of your mailbox and check the appropriate box. Both these features are disabled by default.

New zip / unzip settings

New zip / unzip settings

Note: The maximum allowed size for an attachment in Parseur is 35MB.

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