Parse emails and documents metadata only

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by Sylvestre Dupont - 1 min read

You can now use Parseur to only extract metadata from your documents using Extra Fields without having to create templates.

Prior to this, your mailbox had to have at least one template set up (or be linked to one of our master mailboxes to use out out-of-the-box templates).

With the latest expansion of Extra Fields including LastReply, TextDocument and Attachments, you can now extract a wide range metadata from your documents without creating templates.

Some happy customers reported they only needed to parse document metadata and were confused as to why they had to create a template.

To parse documents with only metadata:

  • Create a new mailbox
  • Go to the Fields > Extra Fields section of your mailbox
  • Check the box of metadata you're interested in
  • Start sending emails to your mailbox

Read more: Get the list of all Extra Fields metadata available in Parseur.

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