Download attachments in their original format

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by Sylvestre Dupont - 1 min read

You can now download and use email attachments in their original format.

To do so, head over to the Extra Fields section of your mailbox and enable the new "Attachments" field. After enabling this field, Parseur will add links (URLs) to the original attachments to the parsed result after you process an email.

This enables new scenarios like:

  • Parse a support email, create a new ticket in your ticketing tool and add all email attachments to that ticket
  • Parse a PDF invoice, send parsed data to your Accounting app and upload a copy of the original invoice to a Google Drive folder
  • Save all attachments of an email conversation to a Dropbox folder for compliance and auditing purposes

This new feature integrates seamlessly with Zapier and our other connectors opening an exciting range of new automation possibilities!

You can learn more about this feature on our support article.

New Attachments Extra Field

New Attachments Extra Field

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