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Improved setting field constraints

Parseur now shows you predefined constraints in the "Advanced Options" section when editing a field in the template editor. What are field constraints? Constraints allow you to add additional matching constraints on a template field. This can be useful in case you have several templates that can match a single …

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Better onboarding when setting up your mailbox

Setting up your Parseur mailbox and creating your first template is now easier than ever! When creating a mailbox, you'll now go through our new Wizard giving you step-by-step instructions on how to setup your mailbox. If you're used to Parseur already, you can close the wizard at any time …

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Various improvements to GetSwift integration

Various improvements and fixes have been done to the GetSwift integration: New "Address" field format is now taken into account by the GetSwift integration for dropoffAddress, dropoffFullAddress, pickupAddress and pickupFullAddress fields. The timezones are now handled properly. The date and times are sent as they appear in the document, with …

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New daily document process chart

We added a new chart in your mailbox dashboard that shows the number of daily documents processed per status over the past 90 days. This chart replaces the old pie chart showing the overall number of documents per status. Head over to the Dashboard section of your mailbox: New daily …

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New and improved support center

We are pleased to announce that we have rolled out a brand new version of our support center! You can access it here: Parseur's old support website had reached its limitations: not always easy to navigate, no search capability, no proper home page. Our new support …

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Improved template editor design

The template editor design has been refreshed and now shows Available and Used fields as tabs instead of vertically stacked. The idea was to improve the editor experience and remove unnecessary up-and-down scrolling. That change also opened up new possibilities: You can now access Extra Fields directly from the template …