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New copy parsed data to clipboard

We added a copy button on the document view page to copy the parsed JSON data to your clipboard. This is particularly useful when setting up a new webhook endpoint on your application. Using this feature, copy a parsed JSON sample while developing your webhook and use it for tests …

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New debugger button on document actions

We added an action to open the template debugger to the list of available actions on a Document. Previously, the debugger button was only available when a Document couldn't be parsed. If a document was parsed by the wrong template and you wanted to see why that was so, you …

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New extra field: Email headers

A new extra field is now available that allows to extract all email SMTP headers in one go. SMTP Email headers can now be extracted as an new extra field called Headers Here is a list of all official (per RFC) header names that can be found in emails: Accept-Language …

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Filters now stick around

Mailboxes filters and sorting options are now saved and re-applied when coming back to the homepage. Document and template filters are also saved for as long as you navigate within the mailbox. They are cleared when you navigate out of the mailbox. For example, this makes the following workflow more …

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Improved setting field constraints

Parseur now shows you predefined constraints in the "Advanced Options" section when editing a field in the template editor. What are field constraints? Constraints allow you to add additional matching constraints on a template field. This can be useful in case you have several templates that can match a single …

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New daily document process chart

We added a new chart in your mailbox dashboard that shows the number of daily documents processed per status over the past 90 days. This chart replaces the old pie chart showing the overall number of documents per status. Head over to the Dashboard section of your mailbox: New daily …

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Filter documents by date

You can now filter the documents in your queue by a date range. Head over to the Search and Filter box in your mailbox document queue: New: Filter documents by date You can combine this filter with the existing filters. For example: list all the documents received between December 1st …

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Improved template editor design

The template editor design has been refreshed and now shows Available and Used fields as tabs instead of vertically stacked. The idea was to improve the editor experience and remove unnecessary up-and-down scrolling. That change also opened up new possibilities: You can now access Extra Fields directly from the template …