How to create your Parseur account and mailbox

In this short article, I'm going to walk you through the simple process of signing up for Parseur and creating your first mailbox.

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Step one: Creating your account (Signing up)

Use your browser to go to

Here is what you should be seeing (I have added boxes and arrows to give you more detailed information):

Parseur sign-up form

Parseur sign-up form

Once your account is created, you are ready to create a new mailbox.

Step two: Creating your first mailbox

Here is the screen that welcomes you once your account have been created:

Creating new Parseur mailbox

Creating new Parseur mailbox

You can create your first mailbox by typing the name you want to give it in the "Name" field. Just like this:

Creating "My Awesome Mailbox"

Creating "My Awesome Mailbox"

Try to find a name that is both specific to your business and descriptive of what kind of emails it will receive.

Then click the copy button to copy the newly created mailbox' address to your clipboard.

Once you clicked it, you may go to your email application and paste it (Hold Ctrl and V keys at the same time, or right-click then select paste) into the To: or CC: or BCC: field of an email to send this email to your mailbox to get processed by Parseur.

In the long run, you'll probably want to either:

  • Setup your application or service to automatically send its emails directly to the mailbox' email address
  • Automatically forward emails to this mailbox. This way is slightly slower since emails still transit through your email provider. Read this article to learn more about automatically forwarding emails: Automatically forward emails

You're all set!

You can now start to send emails to this mailbox in order to automatically extract data from them.

Here are a few use cases that are popular among Parseur's users: Parseur use cases

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